Round two

I’m flying back to Bali tomorrow. I’ve spent one month in Finland now and it has been one of the weirdest in my life so far.

When the plane landed on Helsinki-Vantaa and I realised I’m going to see my friends and face the fact that one of them is missing and always will, it felt so unreal. This is not the situation I should be at the moment. I should be chilling on the beach, enjoying life and sending way too many pics to my friends. But here I am, back in cold Finland and heading to my friend’s funerals in one week.

Alppila, Helsinki

I didn’t know if I want to go back to Asia or not when I came here. But I soon realised that I have to, this is too sad and shitty anyway so I have to try to continue my travels at least for a while.

I’m not going to explore the whole Asia alone as I planned earlier. I’m going back to Bali where this awesome girl lives and we can continue learn how to surf. And have Bintangs for sure.

This girl ❤

After Indonesia I will go to Cambodia with my other friend and finish the trip in Thailand with the third one. I wonder how can I be so lucky to have these people in my life who want to travel with me or let me sleep on their sofa for many weeks here in Finland.

I shared a sofa with him for many weeks.

So bye Finland and my loved ones for a while – again. I’m happy we will see eachother soon, I don’t feel like leaving home for six months anymore.

And dear Indonesia, even it’s weird to leave I’m happy to see you again.

Indonesia I love you.

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