Life never goes as planned

I had a phone call from home last week. One of my best friends died. Just like that, a moment before he was happy and having a typical day at work and then he was gone.

My world stopped for a while. I cannot descripe what was going on in my head at that moment. I thought Im just having a bad dream. Or that it was just some sick joke. Or that I just got crazy and my mind made me insane. 

Im flying back home next week, I need to say goodbye to him. I cannot imagine my life without him in Helsinki and I dont know how Im going to handle this thing. So Im not going to write my blog for a while or maybe ever, lets see if I come back here or just stay home with my loved ones.

Somehow I feel he is with me all the time. Making jokes about everything and holding my hand when Im crying. I want to believe that it is true and he is sharing all these moments with me even I cannot see him.

Rest in peace my love, cheers and see you someday somewhere.

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