The island life in Koh Samet

I’ve spent around one and a half weeks in this island now. I thought that I will just stop by here and then go for some other islands before leaving to Indonesia. But I might just stay here for the rest of the month. Someone might think that I should explore as many places as possible when I’m here but. Let me tell you why I love it here so much.

I rented a lovely room near of the beautiful beaches and restaurants and 7/11 (the most important one here right?). I rented a room from my new lovely friend Marie, it’s so nice to have someone I know now living next room.

I can sleep as long as I want. When I wake up I make some coffee and sit in the little kitchen outside and consider which bikinis should I wear today. Then I go to the cafe called Bilbo’s cafe, the cosy place to meet friends and of course Bilbo the dog. She might be the cutest dog on earth. There are always many other dogs and cats chilling on the cafe as well, what could be more perfect start for a day?

Bilbo’s cafe and flip-flops
The best coffee and strawberry milkshake on the island for sure.

Then it’s probably time to go to the beach. There are so many beautiful ones but my favourite one so far is called Ao Prao. It’s quite quiet most of the time but there are some turist boats full of people with life jackets coming for a short period of time to swim and eat some snacks. It’s quite cute when you see twenty tiny people with their orange life jackets eating watermelon in a small ring.

And when the sun goes down, everything turns pink and freaking beautiful.

So it’s pretty ok over here don’t you think?

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