First week in Thailand

I left home one week ago. I felt really emotional leaving my tiny home empty and imagining someone else living there for six months. I was staying in my parents’ place the night before the flight and dad drove me to the airport. I cried a little when he left but in a good way. I was very very nervous and I don’t even know why – there were two friends of mine waiting for me in Bangkok and they told me everything I needed to know about getting to our hotel. But still, maybe it’s just a part of the process.

I flew via Doha with Qatar and I had a good experience of them. Service was good and there were no bad turbulences (flying company has a huge effect on that of course). The seats were comfortable and food was ok. I even got some sleep on flights which is not normal for me.

I found the hotel and my friends. It was so good to see them omg. I haven’t been actually met Annu before but it felt like we’ve been friends forever since the very first moment I met her. We’ve been talking sooo much and you know – with some people it just clicks.

We spent six days in Bangkok. We were spending a lot of time on the pool, eating, laughing, being idiots, going for movies and JJ Green market. You should really try it when visiting Bangkok, they have cool vintage stuff there. A lot of it (and even more people I guess). I wouldn’t like to be there that long without these two girls. Thank you Katri and Annu for a dum company, I really do like you a lot even you’re idiots.❀

Street food is Bangkok.
A view from Dang Derm Hotel’s roof terrace.
JJ Green market by night.
I would’ve wanted to buy all of them but I have too much stuff in my backpack already.
The cutest thing ever.
Annu, me, lipstick and stuff.

I don’t like big cities that much. Bangkok is so crowded and noisy and I’m not a huge fan of that kind of places. I like quiet and relaxed atmosphere more. So I was pleased when we left the city with Annu and came to this beautiful island called Koh Samet yesterday.

To Koh Samet!
The ferry.

Annu has many friends here as she lived here many years ago. We stayed the first night with her friend’s place. It felt quite weird to sleep with two people in the same bed (especially when you’re a Finn..) but I actually like this Thai way of being so generous and let a danger to stay in your home and make you feel so welcomed from the beginning. Today we moved our stuff to our new little room and are about to go to swim.

Bilbo the island dog.

So the first week has been really good, even in Bangkok. I’m so happy to be here in Koh Samet, it feels like home somehow already.

Koh Samet.

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