My work as a Social Media Producer done (for now)

There is less than two weeks before my flight to Bangkok. I’m so exited that I cannot even put it into the words. Now when I’m almost done with everything (that I need to do before leaving) it starts to be realistic – I’m seriously going to leave and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I’m also nervous as f*ck but I will survive for sure.

Picture from Pinterest

Two and a half weeks ago was my last day at work. The day was full of emotions, good and bad. I’m missing my team and colleagues so much already! I was working as a Social Media Producer in a Finnish media company. I liked my job a lot. I learned so much about community management, social media content production and advertising, digital marketing and campaign management. I think my work experience was one of the reason I wanted to create this blog. Now I can use it in a different way because I’m doing this just for myself. But I don’t want to make it too serious because now it’s time for me NOT to work. If I would like to create professional blog it was just as much work as my previous job. So this is just my diary, who knows if I want to develope it someday.

Now I just need to go

I have no idea what I want to do for a living when I come back but I’m pretty sure I will figure it out. Maybe it’s marketing, maybe its something else. Who knows. At the moment I just want to be (and travel). It hasn’t been easy thing to do as I have worked and studied all the time since I was 7 years old – that means almost 23 years! Omg can you believe that? Of course I’ve had the holidays but it’s not the same thing than this. I’m so lucky to have an opportunity to have a proper break from it now. Of course it’s scary not to have an income and try to learn to live with less money but I think it’s worth it. Because of this:

Picture from Pinterest

Now I need to get all the things done and then I am SO ready to go. See you soon Asia!❤

Ps. I can’t wait to have my own pictures and there is no need to borrow them from Pinterest anymore. I’ve already used all the good ones from the previous travels haha.

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