The route. Do I need one?

Many backpackers just buy one-way ticket to somewhere and then decide where to go next. I want to have that spontaneous half an year as well but I need a rough plan so I know what kind of vaccines I need for example. Even I know I wont follow my plan it’s good to have one. Its easier to think about schedules, flights, visas and stuff.

The best plan is no plan

..said everyone, all the time. I didn’t believe them at first but now I know it’s the best way to do this kind of journey. I bought that one-way ticket as well, from Helsinki to Bangkok. Thailand feels quite easy and safe destination to start travels. Couple of months ago I thought I’m not going to stay in Bangkok because I don’t like big cities that much. And here I am – having a reservation done for the first week from a hotel in Khao San Road with two friends of mine. It’s going to be interesting week as we have quite brainless  humour together. Can’t wait to see them really. ❤

After that I’m going to find some relaxed island to just chill. I have no idea which one it will be, I’ve changed my mind about that as well. I guess I will go to Koh Lanta at some point to do some yoga. Or Koh Lipe. We’ll see, there’s no point to try to decide it now.

From Bangkok to Bali

The second stop will be Bali. I’ve been there once and I fell in love with the country, locals, food, beaches and everything about the place immediately. I bought the ticket in advance as they require the return ticket when entering the country in Thailand. I have a friend who has been like a sister to my since I was 14. She is going to be there in Bali at the same time with me, I couldn’t be any happier.

There are more than 18 000 islands in Indonesia. I have no idea where I’m going after Bali and Gili Islands. And that’s the best part of it.

Somewhere in Bali, pic from Pinterest.
The other countries I want to visit are Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia. Maybe Laos. And if I have time and money, Philippines. But I rather spend more time in one country and just try to get to know the culture, people, beautiful places and myself than just run from one place to another to see as much as I can. Then I would see nothing.

My artistic plan of the route I did some time ago. And it’s already useless as I’ve changed my mind so many times. Anyway it’s so ugly I wanted to share it with you.

10 thoughts on “The route. Do I need one?

  1. That sounds like a good rough plan! Keep it free and you’ll have an amazing trip. If you make it to Vietnam then be sure to check out some of our stuff for inspo!


    1. Yes I think so too. The best plan is no plan. 🙏 Cool, what is your favourite place in Vietnam? Where should I go if I will end up to be there in May or June? 🙂


      1. I wish I could travel with no plan right now too, its the best. We’ll I’ve only really explored the south/central Vietnam – so far our favourites are Hoi An and Da Nang! But got plans to travel some of the North and more of the central/mekong in March so come back to me and I’ll give you a better idea! Happy travels!

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