Do yoga and everything will be ok.

I’ve been feeling quite restless lately. All those things I have to do before February are running in my head and I catch myself stressing about it every now and then. Which is pretty dumb as those are nice things to do (especially when I’m thinking about my next year and all the still-unknown I’m going to see and experience) so I try to stop it. The main reason for that is the stupid flu and long break from yoga practise – stressful and annoyed mind completed. But today I did my practise for a first time after a long break and everything is ok again.

Ashtanga Yoga

I’ve been practising ashtanga yoga for 4,5 years now and I cannot imagine how I was able to deal all the stress before. It’s the best way to calm the mind down. All you (try) think about during the practise is how you breath and are you going to be stable in this posture today – everyday is very different for yoga practise as well. It took two years or so to be able to concentrate at all. Before it I was thinking all weird things during the practise (of course I still do) but its part of the process. And it would take a lifetime to learn how to focus completely during the practise. Maybe when I’m 80-year-old. But trying to concentrate is enough, other thoughts are going somewhere else then.

I’m going to miss my “home” yoga studio Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu so much during my travels – especially my teachers Tero and Maarit. I will continue practising there when I’m back at home but meanwhile I need to find some yoga studios from the places I’m travelling.

Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu 

Yoga in Koh Lanta

The very first place I’m heading in February is Koh Lanta. I did some quick googling about island’s yoga studios and I was so happy to notice that there are many of them available. I would prefer ashtanga classes of course and I found three places to practise it:

  • The founders of YogaHome are having the classes at the garden next to their home – that sounds to nice and cosy.
  • Oasis Yoga is having ashtanga classes as part of wide variation of other yoga classes. It’s located in Klong Dao Beach which is the nearest beach of the harbour.
  • Sanctuary is located in Long beach (where I wanted to go anyway) and is having ashtanga classes, massage and bungalows. Maybe I will spend night or two there.

I’m looking forward to do my practise in different studios and places, I will learn a lot from it for sure.






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