One-way ticket to Bangkok.

Do you know that feeling when you’re just so exited about something that you feel like exploding and can’t focus on anything? I’ve been having that feeling since last night when I bought it – the one-way ticket from Helsinki-Vantaa to Bangkok. Only three months to go! And million things to do.. I will think about that later.

I found very good deal from Qatar Airways for the flights. They just opened a new route from Helsinki to Doha, and I’m going to have a connection flight to Bangkok from there. It’s interesting to see how their planes and service are as they’ve been talked about so much in Finnish media lately. My main concern was about the food: do they have gluten-free food on their flights? I get very pissed off when I’m hungry so it would’ve been a nightmare. (But if that’s my biggest problem at that moment I’m doing quite well don’t you think?) I checked their website today and I was so amazed at the meal options they have – probably one for every diet you can imagine. If I’m going to have the gluten AND meat free food, I wont use any other flying company ever again. Period.

I’m not going to stay in Bangkok, I’m not so into those big cities. I will head to Southern Thailand and Koh Lanta. I’ve heard it’s a great place just to chill. I need to get rid off this hectic mood that my life causes me at the moment at the very first thing. So all I basically want to have is comfortable-enough bed, quiet beach, thai food and yoga classes. I’m sure it’s perfect spot to start my journey and think about what to do during the next six months.

Pic from Pinterest

If you have some tips for Koh Lanta or islands nearby, I would be more than happy to hear it!

Sairee Beach, Koh Tao. I want to go back there, maybe I will during the next year. Who knows.

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