Ok. I just need to go.

I have decided to go for travelling next year. And that decision has felt so scary, crazy, stupid, exiting, terrible, the best thing ever and probably all the other emotions in between. The name of my blog is kind of order for myself – don’t panic and just go.

At first I was about to go alone. Then I was about to have travel buddy but plans changed and I needed to get used to the idea of going alone. And it has not been easy thing to do for me! I have never travelled alone and there has always been someone who has planned the travels more than me and I have just went with the flow. So I was freaking out about it at first, but after talking with people who have done, are doing at the moment or will do the same thing, I have calmed down and now I’m just so exited and can’t wait for February to come. It’s funny how this subject has somehow brought me new friends already and I havent even left yet. That is so❤. People are quite awesome.

I will write about my trip and mostly the things that are going on in my head when I’m alone in South-East Asia and before it. I will write in English and Finnish both – some things just cannot be translated in a proper way, for example perkele. Or maybe someone could do that but I don’t. And there will be those days when Im just too lazy and writing in Finnish is of course much easier. Because English is not my native language, Im (not really) very sorry for all the typos and shitty language.



Somewhere in Gulf of Siam.

14 thoughts on “Ok. I just need to go.

  1. Noora! ❤ It will be such an amazing trip! Can't wait to read more – I'll check your blog every day from now on! 🙂


  2. The idea of travelling alone can be a little overwhelming, but once you get used to it, it is invigorating and freeing like nothing else. I have been doing it since I was 18 (almost 9 years now) and even a bit before then! Even though you are ‘alone’ there is such a great community and network of backpackers out there… hostels are hotspots of making friends on the road! Good luck with your preparations and if you have any questions about the Philippines, I’m volunteering there currently!


    1. Im pretty sure I will think alike after doing the most scary thing – leaving from home. Thank you so much I will defenitely contact you if there is something about the Philippines on my mind. 🙂


  3. Onnenmurusia matkaan, ehkä vähän joku kateus nostelee päätään! 😊 Olispa vielä translatenappula mobiiliversiossa kun mun äitiaivot käy niin hitaalla ettei ne pysty keskittymään käännöstyöhön 😁


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